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  The 7th Annual Workshop

The 7th annual Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy will take place in Syracuse, NY, August 21-3, 2019.

Keynote speakers will be:

  • Kwame Anthony Appiah, NYU
  • David Estlund, Brown
  • Sally Haslanger, MIT

UPDATE: The conference web page is moving by the end of May, 2019. Further info about this new page will be available here. By the end of May we will announce the full schedule and provide an opportunity to register for the conference (which is necessary for attendence), lodging info, etc. The conference will start roughly at 10 am on Aug 21nd and conclude by 1 pm on the 23rd.The conference hotel block is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. You can reserve a room here. Enter the group code SDP to get the conference rate. If you plan to attend the conference we very strongly recommend that you make hotel reservations asap as other events in the area are making hotel accomodations unusually pricey and hard to get. The conference hotel is about 1/2 mile from the conference. Travel between the two will be available. Rooms are $175 per night. Parking is free.


We anticipate informing submitters if their papers are accepted for the conference by June 20th, 2019. Submission is taken to imply that (1) if accepted for the workshop, the submitter will present the paper at the Workshop, submit it to the resulting volume of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, and not submit it elsewhere before a decision is made, (2) if accepted for the volume, the submitter agrees to have it published in that volume and not to publish it elsewhere prior to the publication of the volume.. Papers accepted for the Workshop are given serious consideration for inclusion in the resulting volume but will be refereed and are not assured publication.

One of the papers presented at the workshop will be awarded the Marc Sanders Prize in Political Philosophy. The Prize includes a financial award of $10,000. The Marc Sanders Prize is a biennial essay competition open to scholars who, at the time of the submission deadline, are within fifteen (15) years of receiving a Ph.D. or are students currently enrolled in a graduate program. Independent scholars may also be eligible and should direct inquiries to the Editors of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, c/o David Sobel ( To learn more: The Marc Sanders Foundation. If you are eligible for the Marc Sanders Prize please indicate this prominently on the first page of your paper submission.

Registration to attend the workshop will be free and open to the public, but required for attendance. It is not yet possible to register for the conference but will become possible in June. One will eventually be able to register via this web page.

Stay tuned to this webpage for further information about this conference, and Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy more generally. 

We would greatly appreciate your forwarding this information to colleagues and/or graduate students in your department, and to any other philosophers you believe might be interested in participating in or attending the Workshop.

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