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The organizers of the Pavia workshop gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organizations:

(1) The Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Pavia, the mission of which is to carry out teaching and research in the multidisciplinary area of "political sciences" (scienze politiche, sciences politiques), covering political science and political philosophy, sociology, history, law, and economics. As well as hosting the Oxford Studies workshop in 2018, the Department also regularly hosts the annual Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy, the 16th edition of which will be in September 2018 with Margaret Moore and Luigi Caranti as keynote speakers.

(2) The Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA) was founded in 1992 and today has about 500 members. Its purpose is to promote the exchange of ideas among scholars in analytic philosophy both within Italy and within Europe and the rest of the world.  Every two years the Society organizes a general international conference, held entirely in English, open to scholars working in any field of interest for analytic philosophy (philosophy of language, philosophy of science, metaphysics, logic, aesthetics, ethics, political and legal philosophy, and so on). In alternate years it organizes a mid-term conference on a more specific topic. The Society also runs the journal Argumenta.

(3) Azienda Agricola Montelio is a vineyard located in the Oltrepò Pavese wine region, south of the river Pò. It is situated on land that, centuries ago, was a “grange”, the farm of a Benedictine convent, where vines were already being cultivated as far back as the second half of the 1200s. In 1848, Domenico Mazza, who started bottling and selling the wine, gave it the name “Montelio”, from “mount” and “helios”, the Greek  for sun. Six  generations have followed in his foot-steps. Today the tradition continues and after 170 years of business Montelio has never been more dedicated to high quality and respect for the environment.

Montelio Estates covers a total of approximately 78 hectares, of which 27 hectares, in one complete block, are dedicated to specialized vines. Vine varieties cultivated include:

  • white grapes: Cortese, Welschriesling , Rheinland Riesling, Muller Thurgau, Chardonnay.
  • black grapes: Barbera, Croatina, Uva Rara, Pinot Noir, Merlot.

Azienda Agricola Montelio di C. e G. Brazzola Via Domenico Mazza 1 - 27050 CODEVILLA (PV) Tel. +39 0383 373090; Fax +39 0383 373083;email: cantine@montelio.itVideo: 


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